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SOLAS Rescue Boat

SR 6.5

Technical Specs

SOLAS Rescue Boat SR 6.5


Dimensions Capacity


Overall Length

6,430 mm

Max No. of Persons*



2,490 mm

Max Payload including Fuel*

1,700 Kg
Internal Length 5,620 mm Floor Board Usable Area 5.7 m2
Internal Beam 1,950 mm Buoyancy Volume 2,341 L
Weight Empty 720 Kg

* ISO 6185

Buoyancy Collar Dia

   480 mm

  Buoyancy Tube  


Hypalon Neoprene 1670 Dtex

Double Console

1 No.

Standard Colors 

SOLAS Orange

Straddle Seats

4 No.

Inflation Valves

5 No.

Bow Tow Post

1 No.

Safety Valves

5 No.

Double Skinning (Top Collar)

1 No.

Internal Chambers

5 No.

Black powder coated Keel Guard

1 No.

Round Rubbing Strake

Double Rubber Fender strake all around the tube.

Black powder coated A-Frame

1 No.

  Grab Rope

Straight Line
Rope with Rubber Eyes x2

Search Light

1 No.

Self Righting System

1 No.

  Engine Power  
Black Powder Coated Tube Ladder

1 No.

Shaft Length (Single)

20" Standard

Offshore compass

1 No.

  Recommended Power

2 x 60 Hp

Electric Torch

1 No.

Engine Package

Twin Yamaha 4-stroke FT60 DETL MED approved


2 No.


First Aid Kit (for 25 people) 1 No.   Hull & Deck  
Buyont Rescue Quoits +30m line 1 No. Construction

MED certified fire retardant resin & gel coat reinforced Hull & Deck

Radar Reflector

1 No.

Deck Deck with built-in Non-skid Texture
Foot Pump

1 No.

Hull Drains 1 No.
Repair Kit

1 No.

Deck Self Drains 2 No.

2 No.


Standard Fuel Tank

225 L
Fire Extinguisher

1 No.

Cable Routing

Under Deck Cable Routing Channel


4 No.

  Bilge pumps

2 No.

Buyont Safety Knife

   1 No.


6 No.

Life Jacket

6 No.

Engine Pit

Built-in Engine Pit

Long Torch 1 No.


Pit Drain

2 No.

Manual Lamp
(20 Hrs)
1 No.


Transom Thickness

90 mm Standard
(60 mm Option)

Anchor +30m Rope 1 No.


Mooring Rope

1 No.

Towing & Hoisting
Foldable Stretcher 1 No. Bow Towing Ring
(S. S. U Bolt) on Hull

1 No.

Boat Cover 1 No. Transom Towing Ring (S. S. U Bolts) 2 No.
HIN plates, Builders Plate, MED ID number 1 No. Lifting points

4 No.

Export Package

   1 No.


Thermal Protective aid

4 No.

Safety / Inflation

Number of Air Chambers

5 No.


Inflation Pressure

0.24 bar / 3.4 PSI

EC/MED (Wheelmark) by Germanischer Lloyd AG

Intercommunication / Inflation Valves

5 No.

On-Water Test Certificate

Pressure Release Valves

5 No.

Owner's Manual

Design Category
(EC 94/25)


 PDF Version


WB 9.5


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