ASIS Commercial Boats



Technical Specs

Heavy-duty Inflatable Boat 5.1


Dimensions Capacity
Overall Length

5,100 mm

Max No. of Persons*


Overall Beam

2,235 mm

Max Payload including Fuel*

1,200 Kg
Internal Length 3,645 mm Floor Board Usable Area 4.3 m2
Internal Beam 1,315 mm Buoyancy Volume 1,723 L
Weight Empty 140 Kg

* ISO 6185

Buoyancy Collar Diameter 460 mm
P - Portable Fuel Tank

Engine Power


Shaft Length (Single)

Short Shaft (15")

Safety / Inflation

Recommended Power

60 Hp

Number of Air Chambers

4 No.

Maximum Power

80 Hp

Inflatable Keel 1 No.

Maximum Engine Weight

120 Kg

Inflation Pressure

0.24 bar/3.4 psi

Inflation Valves

5 No.

Floor Board


Pressure Release Valves

5 No.

Roll up floorboard Reinforced Aluminum Floor Board
Design Category
(EC 94/25)



Buoyancy Tube Rubber Fender Strake all around the tube

2 No.

Standard Colors

Light Grey Color


Flat Rubber Strake Underneath Keel

1 No.

Buoyancy Tube

Hypalon Neoprene 1670 Dtex



Keel Tube

Hypalon Neoprene 1670 Dtex




Hypalon Neoprene 1670 Dtex

Exterior Life Line (Grab Rope)

1 Set

Bow Carrying Handle, Webbing on Hypalon

1 No.

Transom Interior Handle, Webbing on Hypalon

6 Sets

Aluminum Heavy-duty Transom 1 No. S. S. D-ring patches

6 Sets

Deck Drains

1 No.





Bow Large towing D-ring(S. S. heavy-duty)

1 No.

Foot Pump

1 No.

Aft Large Towing

2 No.

Boat Carrying Bag

1 No.

Transome Lifting Points

2 No.

Repair Kit

1 No.

Aluminum Oars 2 No.


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HDIB 4.2

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HDIB 5.1

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